Date: 10/10/2019
Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Speaker - Trevor Hellawell

The fourth in our series of regular quarterly compliance updates from Trevor Hellawell will focus on several recent and topical matters, in particular the recently published SRA Guidance and resources published to support its Standards & Regulations. It will also discuss the new Conveyancing Protocol, the SRA Upholding Professional Standards Report, published in July, the ‘successful’ SQE1 pilot, its consultation on the attainment of high objectives for advocacy for solicitors, its note on the low levels of access to professional advice experienced by small businesses and the withdrawal of AON from the legal PII insurance market.

Matters to be covered include:

  • New SRA Resources to supports STARs
    • For firms, individuals, those working in-house and outside the regulated sector
    • Accounts Rules
    • Key issues answered and ignored
  • New Conveyancing Protocol 2019
  • SRA Upholding Professional Standards report
  • SQE1 is a qualified success
  • Advocacy consultation
  • Legal Access Challenge – challenges of access for small businesses
  • PII market hardens – farewell to AON

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