You will hear our excellent speaker live / or recorded as they present, through whichever device you choose be it a smartphone, iPads, laptops or PC. You can choose to listen through the speakers on your device, or by dialing a separate telephone line. All call charges are based at normal rate – not premium rate. At the same time you can view the PowerPoint presentation through the Adobe Connect meeting room and watch the slides change simultaneously as the presentation is broadcast. If you have any technical queries, we will help and support. This is all part of our ‘six star’ personal service.

It is very simple. Once you have registered we will e-mail you simple step-by-step joining instructions including your event course number.

This will include the website link for you to view the visual part of the presentation and use your device speakers to listen to the audio element.

If you choose to use a telephone to listen, we will also give you a telephone number (charged at local rates) for you to dial into together with the conference ID that will be requested once a team member takes your call.

Approximately 10 minutes before the start time, you will connect to a website link, where you will insert your firm’s name. This will connect you to the Internet to view the slides and other graphics as the web seminar progresses. You will always see the opening slide, which will contain the title and presenter as you connect.

To connect for sound, either use the speakers on your device, or a few minutes before the start time, you merely need to telephone the number you have been provided with as part of your joining instructions. You will only pay at the local rates.

All you need to join an event is any device with Internet access and a telephone (ideally with a hands-free facility) should you take this option for the sound. Remember you can choose as most do to listen through your device at no cost at all.

When your booking is confirmed you will be provided with system test link, to ensure that your device will connect. As Adobe Connect is a browser based product, there is no need for a download and therefore no interference with security/firewall settings.

With this ease of access, the majority of firms call in 10 minutes before to register for an event.


If you know how to connect to the Internet you know as much as you need. Oh yes … if you choose to use a telephone to listen to the sound, instead of on your device, you will need to know how to use your phone! All very easy.


Yes – in two ways. If you listen to the seminar using the telephone, at the end of the presentation you will have the chance to join a live verbal question and answer session, which everyone can hear. Think of this part like a radio phone in. You will be told exactly what to do at the time.

Alternatively, as the live seminar is in progress you are given the facility to type a question or comment onto your computer screen and send it privately to the presenter.

They will either answer it then, at the end of the session, or contact you privately after the presentation.


Again, this is no problem. Remember we have a special ‘On Demand’ service.
This means, that if you have booked a seminar and are unable to attend we will send you the recording by way of web link (which you simply click and play) or a CD as an alternative for the same fee.

Because of our ‘On Demand’ facility, a firm can simply choose to have a link to a recording of the event. A firm who has paid for a live event, will not have to pay again.

Our recordings can be viewed by an unlimited amount of participants, as many times as they wish, for an unlimited time. There is no expiry date for the recordings. If you choose to take the web link, this too can be viewed on all static and mobile devices.

If you would like to view a seminar that has already been broadcast, we have a large collection of previous broadcasts available for purchase here. These are available at the same price as the live event. 

Note Lips Legal Members will pay much less for this facility. Note this facility alone may justify your annual Lips Legal subscription fee.

Please note that you will be made aware of the date that the event was recorded or and therefore Lips Legal take no responsibility for any changes in the law since the broadcast date.

Yes, and many firms do this. We find that for reasons of convenience, many firms with multiple offices often like to connect up from each of them to participate. This is no problem at all.

Your web seminar fee however covers each single connection, so if you connect up more than once or from different locations there will be an additional fee.

Note, that Lips Legal members get a 50% reduction to be able to do this.